My new album "YouTube Famous"

Jul 25, 2013 by: Todd Bryanton

“YouTube Famous” is available on iTunes ( and you can also get physical copies of the CD in the LilDeuceDeuce Shop

The album contains nineteen previously released singles and one new song, “YouTube Haircut.” I considered just releasing the new song as another single. However, I want to explain the reasons for why I decided to release an album:

All the tracks are remastered. Basically, since all the original singles were released on-the-fly over a period of almost two years, there were minor differences in the levels and the EQ in certain tracks; I feel like I’ve learned a lot more about mastering now vs. when I released some of the older mixes, so it was important to me to have all the songs flow together as a cohesive listening experience.

Secondly, I feel like I made a mistake when I listed my back catalogue on iTunes under the name “Lil Deuce Deuce.” That’s originally how I conceived the name, with the spaces between the words, but I didn’t take into consideration how things like YouTube URLs compress people’s names: i.e., nobody calls Tom Ridgewell “Tom Ska”, it’s “TomSka.” I feel like it’s been potentially confusing that my name appears as “Lil Deuce Deuce” in some places and “LilDeuceDeuce” in others; moving forward I’d like to make sure all of my music uses the proper spelling without spaces.

Third, I’m hoping that for some people who might just be discovering my music, it might be more convenient to get twenty tracks at a cheaper price rather than having to individually purchase singles at full price.

Due to an issue with TuneCore, the distributor I use to put music on iTunes and other digital services, iTunes can't track which singles you may have already previously purchased off "YouTube Famous" in the past, and count those purchases toward a discounted "Complete My Album" sale. The only tracks that work towards "Complete My Album" right now are "I Like Trains" and "asdfmovie song," since I listed those older songs through CD Baby, which automatically generates ISRCs (Internaional Sales Recording Codes, which help to track sales data--sorry, I realize this may be starting to get technical and boring.)

I'm very disappointed that most of the previously purchased tracks don't count towards a discount on the new album. If you feel unhappy about this, please Contact me and I'll try to work it out; the last thing I want is for people to think I'm trying to rip them off or that I'm trying to make people pay twice for the same music.

As a final note, if I ever do release singles in the future that later become included as part of a full album, I've learned now how to properly assign ISRCs through TuneCore, so this won't be an issue in the future.

Thanks guys! Sorry for the super-long post, but this topic is something that's important to me.



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