VidCon and Summer in the City

Jul 30, 2013 by: Todd Bryanton

I'll be at VidCon from August 1st to 4th. If you're unfamiliar with VidCon, it's a big YouTube convention in Anaheim; I attended last year for the first time and had an amazing time. If you see me there this year, please come up and say hi! Obviously the most important thing is, I'd just love to talk with and meet you guys. I'm also giving away a limited number of wristbands and buttons for free, and I'll have CDs with me there if you want to buy a copy.

I'm also attending Summer in the City for the first time in London from August 16 to 18. It'll be my first time in the UK, and I'm excited to meet a lot of people who I've talked with online but never met face to face. Once again, if you see me there, come say hello!




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Created: 09/19/13
Author Name: asd