New Video and Dr. Monster Perks

Jul 20, 2015 by: Todd Bryanton

This week I released a new video on my channel experimenting with deep dream. I took all the individual frames from my Pewdiepie's Song remix video and fed them through deep dream neural network imaging, superimposing all sorts of disturbing eyeballs and dogslugs. I slowed down the song and the footage, and the end result is pretty trippy; definitely one of the weirdest things I've ever made:

I mailed off most of the physical rewards for the Dr. Monster Indiegogo  campaign, so most of you should be receiving your hats and posters within 2 weeks. There are a few people who haven't responded to the emails I sent out asking for information I need to fulfill backer rewards. Also, some people haven't redeemed their Bandcamp download codes; I just want to make sure that people are getting the emails. If you are a backer, please double check your spam folder and make sure you haven't missed any emails sent from todd (at) lildeucedeuce (dot) com.
I'm excited to create several personalized Leperchaun songs this week! Keep an eye out because they'll be going up on my main channel soon.
Thanks for reading the Sunday update! I'll be putting up a new blog every Sunday night on my website and at


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