Todd Bryanton is a Canadian musician and composer. He began posting YouTube videos under the name "LilDeuceDeuce" in 2011. Focusing at first on rap parodies, the LilDeuceDeuce sound has evolved to include a mix of pop-punk, dubstep, and hip-hop.

Bryanton has collaborated extensively with Tom "TomSka" Ridgwell ( Bryanton has created music for the asdfmovie series, including two original music videos: "I Like Trains" and "Mine Turtle". In addition to his own original material, Bryanton has composed musical underscore for a wide variety of other YouTube projects.

In addition to his work on YouTube, Bryanton works as a music composer for film and television. His film credits include the thriller "The Tall Man" starring Jessica Biel, and the Jennifer Lynch-directed thriller "Surveillance." Bryanton has also composed  music for several Canadian TV series, including "Corner Gas," "" and "InSecurity." Click here for a full filmography.

Bryanton plays keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, but drums are definitely his instrument of choice. Click here to see LilDeuceDeuce videos featuring live drumming.

Bryanton lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has played drums with a variety of bands in the local music scene. He lives with his wife Audra, his kids Cadence and Emily, and his dogs Fonzie and Potsie.  

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