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  • The Leperchaun Animated by the amazing Christ Scicluna, Featuring Eddie Bowley as the voice of Douglas. Eddie's a funny guy with a lot of creative stuff on his channel; go check it out. Written and performed by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton. Closed captioning avail
  • Branches : Facegrind Polka This song was nearly called "Danny Elfwoman." (The More You Know!) Thank you to the mighty Weebl for allowing me to use the visuals for this video (like a sir):
  • Jackstep CONTEST IS OVER! Congrats to youtube users "rockerodec" and "ThatOtherSophie" for winning.
  • Anderson Cooper's Secret Full song available on iTunes: Instrumental on iTunes: Click here to listen to the instrumental: Pony art and animated GIFs used by permission from this supe
  • Violence Baguettes Violence (LilDeuceDeuce remix) Video re-edited by Todd Deuceington Deuceworth Bryanton. Huge thanks to Khyan and everyone else for letting me bastardize this video.
  • Kenny Vloggins Animated by Michael "Prototype359" Field-Stephens. Prof. Picard voiced by Brock "McGoiter" Baker. Vocals performed by Shayne "Isn't on YouTube So Doesn't Have a Cool Nickname" Hawken. Everything else by Todd "LilDeuceDeuce" Bryanton, who is curr
  • Racewalkers Invade London RACEWALKING. LET'S DO THIS. For the London 2012 Summer Olympics, creators from all over the world are posting Olympics-related videos to the YouTube Creator Hub. Go to to check out all the videos, and to show Team T
  • 8 Bit Bells MERRY 8-BITMAS! (I totally stole that merrry bitmas line from username 'tyoson11111'.) Technically this isn't a proper 8 bit chiptune, but "8 Bit Bells" rolls so nicely off the if you don't like it, then YOU MIGHT AS WELL CANCEL CHRISTM
  • Guitar Warfare (remix) Music by Todd "LilDeuceDeuce" Bryanton. Guitar written and performed by Rob "The Talon" Scallon (nobody calls him that). This video contains clips from "Guitar Warfare" by the amazing TomSka and features FreddieW, Rob Scallon, and Jenny Bingham.
  • asdfmovie6 song remix (feat. Steve Bingham&Rob Scallon) I broke one of my bass strings while I was recording this song. I'm not sure why the string broke; it may have had something to do with the fact I beat it mercilessly with a drum stick. I was too lazy to change it, and I realized it was actually easier t
  • Do The Flop (10 MINUTE VERSION) EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP. Music and vocal by Todd "LilDeuceDeuce" Bryanton. 10 hour version? No survivors.
  • asdfmovie6 song Thanks to YouTube user "DFB3636Yugioh" for transcribing the lyrics: WUUUB WubWubWubWub WUB WUB do de do WUUUB WubWubWubWub WUB WUB de do de do WUUUB WubWubWubWub WUB WUB do de do
  • Big thanks to TomSka for letting me use sounds and images from his work, and for giving me the chance to work with him. Also props to Ben Smallman, the animatory genius behind asdfmovie4.
  • I Like Trains (asdfmovie song) remix Due in large part to aesthetic considerations, and also to their power and grace as a mode of conveyance, I must confess that I, personally, enjoy locomotives.
  • Mine Turtle (feat. TomSka) LYRICS Mine Turtle's on the road, the llama whipping by. Mine Turtle's got a smile sweet as pie flavoured pie. Skater kid tells the cop "You can't tell me what to do!" Watch out! When Mine Turtle says hello to you. MINE TURTLE Mine Turtle's trave
  • Salon Shootout (LilDeuceDeuce remix) The description is an awkward place to say this, but I'm not sure where else to put it. I'm planning some changes to the channel in the next few months. I'm hoping to start exploring other styles and genres, more songs with lyrics, etc. I'm excited fo
  • Game Over (LilDeuceDeuce remix) Check out LDUKmusic for more great tunes like "Game Over": Congratulations to Trevinmusic for winning the asdfmovie song remix contest!
  • Holy Super Cats (dubstep RPG) "HOLY SUPER CATS" is a rare SNES game released in 1993. The game was based on the popular Tom Ridgewell action/comedy "HOLY SHIT CATS." However, Nintendo executives censored the name and, as with many Super Nintendo games of the era, added "Super" t